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La Maison Verte of Marnay-sur-Seine

The Botanical Garden of Marnay-sur-Seine is now welcoming artists within the program «Pays’art» of «La Maison verte» in the heart of the village. Artists of all nationalities can stay at La Maison Verte to enjoy a time of creativity and production in a rural environment.

La Maison Verte accommodates up to 3 artists at the same time. The house comprises 3 individual bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 communal room, and a shared bathroom. The house is furnished and has available for your use kitchen utensils, dishes, sheets, bath towels, a washing machine and also internet connection and a telephone line. It will be understood that communal spaces (kitchen, living room, garden, bathroom) will be respected and put back in order after each personal use (replacing equipment used, washing-up, cleaning, etc…)

La Maison Verte hosts artists for a residency of creation: from May to September. It hosts also artists for a residency of research during the winter: from October to April. For residencies of creation, la Maison Verte will organize a public presentation of the artist’s project, and also contact the local press to publicize the event, as well as sharing it on social networks.

Artists can stay from 2 to 12 weeks and they will need to provide us with a certificate of health insurance for the duration of their stay. Because of the risk of allergies in certain people, animals are not accepted.

La Maison Verte will do its best to facilitate your artistic project, and provide you with the gardeners’ expertise, as well as making garden tools available to you. When needed, we can arrange meetings with local people, and also help you to discover natural areas around Marnay.

Marnay-sur-Seine is situated in the Champagne-Ardenne region, approximately one hour from Paris. Situated in the flood plain of the Seine’s left bank, it numbers 250 inhabitants. The name Marnay comes from «Madriniacus» a Roman or Romanised land owner. Its existence was confirmed by a Charter from 859 signed by Charles the Bald, first King of France.

A beautiful 12th century church classified as a historic monument, Romanesque frescoes from the 12th century, a panel of Saint Nicholas from the 16th century, and a wooden carved Annunciation. The Camac art centre is located in the ancient priory from the 17th century, amidst beautiful walks along the Seine where in the heat of the summer, you can enjoy a pleasant dip.



The Botanical Garden of Marnay-sur-Seine

Founded in 1995 on the initiative of sculptor Didier Rousseau Navarre, supported financially by the Tenot Foundation, then by the Tenot Family, the Botanical Garden of Marnay-sur-Seine gave itself as a principal objective the creation of the first Botanical Garden in Champagne-Ardenne. This garden has received the epithets of «Jardin Botanique de France et des Pays Francophones» and «Jardin remarquable». This place is mainly aimed at environmental education and the initiation into natural sciences, also sensitizing those towards environmental issues. Being a recognized Botanical Garden of France, it also contributes towards scientific research and conservation.

The Botanical Garden of Marnay-sur-Seine covers 2 hectares. The Educational Path facilitates the comprehension of the evolution of plants and the rules of their classification. The Ornamental Garden comprises rare species displayed by artistic gardeners. There are also other themes such as: The Shaded Garden, the Cottage Garden, the Romantic Rosarium, medicinal plants, the square of kitchen herbs and aromatic plants. The Conservatory Garden displays the different natural surroundings and the flora of the Seine valley. All the species displayed are labeled and form a living dictionary of plants coming from different regions of the world. The pond of Le Grand Mort on the outskirts of the village is a natural space also managed by the Botanical Garden.

In its cultural and artistic vocation, the Botanical Garden association opens a space under the name «Pays’art». It is a space which claims artistic creation as a gesture without boundaries; in this sense, it is universal, it acts with the will and the need for sharing, exchanging, and changing. The artist is invited to develop a creative process involving the environment, the local cultural heritage and nature.



« Pays’art » Art Residency Program


The Association of the Botanical Garden of Marnay-sur-Seine created in 1995 is welcoming since the autumn 2013 artists within the «Pays’art» program of «La Maison Verte» in the middle of the village. This place is directly linked to the Botanical Garden and opens itself to artists of all nationalities to have a time of creativity, reflection and production in a rural environment.

«Pays’art» is a concept that emerges from the mesology, that is to say the science of natural environment, that studies the relationship between beings in general, or human beings in particular, with their natural environment, or «milieu».

The French philosopher and geographer Augustin Berque is nowadays the principal representative. This has now acquired a new hold with the radical changes that Epigenetic have introduced into the question of evolution. From molecular biology to the ecological crisis of the real world, from quantum theory to history and geography, from medicine to works of art and architecture, the deployment of the mesological perspective brings into question the fundamental ontology and logic of modern civilization. The scientific and philosophical thinking that inspires «Pays’art» is the mesology.

The aim of «Pays’art» is to open a field of reflection and expression towards a paradigm shift in the anthropocene era.

Works created by the artists will be able to be presented to the public, not only in the garden, but also in the village and externally in the spaces of our partnerships.

To know more about mesology click here.



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How to travel to Marnay Marnay-sur-Seine:

By train:
The nearest station is at Nogent-sur-Seine. From the gare de l’Est in Paris, take the train towards Troyes or Culmont-Chalindrey and get off at Nogent-sur-Seine station. You can consult train and bus timetables on the SNCF website Enter your place of departure and Nogent-sur-Seine as your destination, then the precise date and time of your journey.

By bus:
A bus goes from Nogent train station to the town hall of Marnay. You can consult here the TER Champage-Ardenne website.

By taxi:
From Nogent train station you can also take a taxi and ask for «Le jardin Botanique de Marnay». The fare will cost around 15 euros.

By car:
To come by car, we suggest you consult the route planner offered by Mappy or Via Michelin. Enter your place of departure and Marnay-sur-Seine 10400 as your destination

Interesting places near by Marnay-sur-Seine:
– Paris 110 km (≈ 1 hour by train et 1 hour and an half by car)
– Epernay 76 km (≈ 50 min)
– Troyes 50 km (≈ 40 min)
– Provins 20 km (≈ 20 min)
– Nogent-sur-Seine 5 km (≈ 6 min)

Supermarkets, bakeries, hardware stores, newsagents in Nogent. Art shops in Troyes and Paris.



2 juin 2018

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24 mai 2018

Vernissage des artistes le 25 mai 2018

Venez découvrir le travail des artistes actuellement en résidence à la Maison Verte    
12 octobre 2017

Portes ouvertes du jardin botanique les 14 et 15 Octobre 2017

Venez découvrir le travail des artistes actuellement en résidence à la Maison Verte